Starting from the drawing stage a scale, given the shape of the iron, take great care as engineer we are weighing life with our solution partners.
Our applied research projects to meet the needs of our customers with our applied research laboratories, we are here to provide you with project-oriented boutique service approach.

Desis Quality Policy

Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, with best products and service we keep symbolize trust and quality in domestic and abroad.

In design and production to prevent time and waste of resources, reduce product costs,
Provide opportunity for individual development of our employees,
For the best way to respond to the expectations of our employees, our suppliers and of our customers, ensure their participation in the realization of our objectives,
Follow the technical and technological developments, to give importance to the provision of environmental protection and energy saving,

Provide the necessary resources to ensure continuity in quality.

ETS Electronic as Desis; We are committed to give all the support to accomplish our goals.